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The wonders of His hands (그의 손의 놀라움)

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The wonders of His hands(그의 손의 놀라움) -Alvin Slaughter

Morning sun, mountains tall
God above designed them all
Running streams, desert sands
Just a few of the wonders of His hands

I'm amazed when I see
All He's done and to think
He did it all for me
Oh how great, Oh how grand
Are the great and mighty wonders of
His hands

On a hill, on a cross
He stretced out His hands
To save the world so lost
But in the pain was a plan
Yes, this would be the greatest
Wonder of His hands

Broken hearts, torn by sin
With one touch of His hand, new again
Born in love, free to stand
As a glorious new creation of His hands


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